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My '89 Lotus Esprit Turbo
It is a non-SE version with 36K original miles.  The car was sold new in Kansas City Mo. to a guy from California, where it remained thru 1 other owner.  It was traded in to Beverly Hills Lotus/Lambroghini/Rolls Royce and then shipped out to their sister dealership Motor Cars Int'l (again in Missouri!) from which its third owner (Tom Mac Donald)  purchased it and had it shipped to Boston.  It was sold thru consignment by Lotus Motorsports in Boston to Scot McMahon on Cape Cod, from whom I purchased it on 11/18/98 (with 27,203 miles on it).  I then had it shipped by PASSPORT TRANSPORT to its new home.  It is car #2659, and is 1 of 121 1989 non-SE Lotus Esprit Turbos built with the GM fuel injection.  A total of 787  Esprit Turbo's were built for the 1989 Model Year!.
1.  Different views of the Lotus
2.  The car and of add-ons and fabricated items
3.  More pictures of add-ons and fabricated items
4.  Views of the underside
5.  Other items of interest!)
1. Installed Photogenesized Carbon Fibre Dash :  Posted 12/22/00!
. Pictures of my former obsession...'70 XKE 2 Pass. Coupe:   Posted 12/13/00!
3. Pictures of my repaint of a '68 TR 250:  Posted 12/20/00!

4. Pictures of my friend Mark's '94S4:  Posted 2/3/01!
5. Pictures of my friend Scott's '95S4s (a recently purchased salvage wreck in
process of a rebuild-  Before pictures..Posted:  3/17/01! 
**Most Recent Addition(s)...06/28/03
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6.  Front Caliper Painting & New tyres
7.  Rear Caliper Painting; Lifting Blocks; Seal Tool, & Magnecor Wires
8.  Painting in Lotus Lettering on OZ Wheels
9.  Steering Wheel Updating!
10.  Rear Wheel Alignment System!
11. Pictures of the car-Actually on the ground and not on the Lift!!!
12. Pictures of Chris W's car undergoing a front spring/shock change out!
17. Lotus Rear Valence Modification for new Stebro dual outlet exhaust
18. Some Pictures of the Stebro Exhaust..not yet installed!
19. Buffing and Final Finishing of Rear Valence for the Dual Outlet Stebro
20. Installation of the Valence and the Stebro..the Finished Product! Link to Movies of the Stebro!!!!
This photo was taken on 2/15/02.right after I put on the new OZ Futura wheels..Along with the new Stebro, I am a happy man!! :-)
21. Some Pictures of my new 3pc. OZ Futura Wheels!
22. Pictures of the new MOMO Shift Knob Installation
23.  Adjustable Rear Suspension Upper Links
24.  New Sparco Aluminum Pedals
25. Rear Wing in Rehab!
26. Zaino Wax Treatment
27. Removal of Cracked Exhaust Manifold
28. Reverse Inhibitor Plate Repair
29. Remember Scott's Wrecked S4s???
32. Installation of V8 Lower Side Sills- Painted 12/22/02, damage control 12/25/02 :-)
Completed 12/28!!!!  Click here to see!! 
33. Update of Rear Side Marker Lites
32(a).  Fuba Antenna Installation
34.  A Temporary Detour :-)
35. V8 Front End Conversion..the start!
35a. V8 Front End..Most Recent Work
36.  Finished at Last!!