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350HP V8 Lotus esprit may seem like plenty enough for most people, but I like to put the esprit to the test and see how much one can get out of the car. The esprit is really not very difficult to work on and modifying it is fairly easy as well. It is not a car where bolt on kits are available, so real engineering and fabrication efforts are required. The esprit isn't very different than any other car to work on. Many times spare parts can be found from alternative sources. Like the tail lights are can be sourced from Toyota and so fourth. My car is designed for high speed racing with a long list of modifications that I am sharing on this web site. I hope you find it useful and entertaining.


I am not sure how much horsepower my 1997 Lotus esprit have, but it should be in the range of 550+ HP without propane or NOS injection. The car has been driven competitively  in the Silverstate, Boneville and many other events. It has also done very well in several national car shows like NOPI and others.


ECU code finally cracked


Finally, I have figured out how to program the ECU on the V8 esprit. The stock code has been successfully downloaded into my computer. Thanks to a lot of good friends I have also acquired the red code, Euro 350 code, blue code, and high torque code. By comparing these codes, I have been able to combine and modify the ecu codes to create a new race ecu code for the v8 esprits for a very low price. It wasn't easy and required a substantial of equipment investment up front. The new code pretty much combines the benefits from the high torque ecu and the red racing ecu from Lotus. The ecu should develop 450 hp when installed properly.

DeLotus Anyone ??

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A Lotus V8 engine in a Delorean ?? It is the way it should be I think. So does Robert Cunningham in Las Vegas. He has been working on this project for the last couple of years and finally completed it. Oh, It is not stock either. Many mods includes Twin intercoolers, SSBOVs, Racing ecu and much more. Click on image for some more pics of Roberts car.

Extreme Esprit Photshoot in Alabama


l had the pleasure meeting Jack Criswell at LOG in Birmingham Alabama. He was interested doing a photo shoot of Extreme Esprit right after LOG before I was heading back to Denver. A couple of days Jack found a gravel pit to take the pictures in. The day of the photo shoot we barely finished before the hurricane Ivan hit. However, we had a great time and got some great pictures. Hopefully the pictures made it to a magazine as planned. If you are interested in Jack work, you can  contact him at .Click on image for more pics.

Propane injection allowing 20 lb + boost

I replaced my water injection system with a propane injection system. The propane will inject at -40 F into the engine cooling the intake air substantially, allowing me to increase the boost to 20+ psi. Propane also have the property of increasing the octane rating up to 140 octane on the fuel used. Installing the system is fairly simple. Not much harder than installing a water injection system. The system also is a great addition for BBQ and tailgate parties.

Boost Fuel controller great addition for performance


I installed a boost and fuel controller system into my car to fine tune the performance for the ecu programming. After the desired values have been entered into the controllers the programming can be transferred into the ecu code making it a lot easier to program. Even for people who wants a little more control, this is a great addition to extra performance. The units comes with vital gauges that are missing in all V8 Lotus newer than 97, like Boost. Other built in gauges in the controllers are TPS, knock sensors, RPM, duty cycle, and many more. the controllers can be fitted into many places in the car. I fitted my controllers where the airbag used to be.

Esprit Spotted

I thought adding a spot theme to my esprit would look interesting for the coming up races and LOG this fall.

 I can't believe it, I already had several inquiries from people who wants to spot their cars as well. I will have a vinyl kit available soon with spots or any other shapes you may think of :).

BTW: the spots are removable.



  Last updated Feb 4 2005

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