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High Performance 450 HP Racing ECU installation

Detailed installation procedures of the Lotus red racing ECU. The new ECU will modify your boost and fuel delivery, resulting in significant performance gain.

SSBOV Twin Blow off Valve installation for the V8

These SSBOVs will save your turbos and keep them spooled up reducing turbo lag when you race.

Twin Reflowed Turbo Installation

Up to 40% better airflow, results in a much better breathing engine and much higher power output.

Custom Exhaust System

Its loud and obnoxious. It can give you significant performance boost.

Functional GT Racing Wing

When you go fast you may want to stick to the ground. This wing installation will make you the king of the wings.

4" Custom Widebody Convertion

It takes guts to do this one. A 4" widebody to fit 18" wheels with 335/30 tires. Results are better grip and handling.

Twin Air/Water Intercooler Installation

An ultimate power booster, but difficult to install.

Lightweight Flywheel and High Performance Clutch

Lighter flywheel means quicker acceleration without increasing horsepower. The kevlarcoated clutch is there to withstand all the extra power.

High Performance Fuel system

Bigger fuel injector and a refined fuelsystem equals less risk for the engine going lean and better performance,

Performace Intakes

With more fuel and and bigger turbos, you got to be able to supply enough air to feed all these horses.

Transmission Cooler

Keep your transmission healthy by cooling it..

Rear Diffuser

The quest for downforce is becoming more important as speed increases. This rear diffuser should do the job.

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